I’m very passionate about online marketing and particularly in SEO. I have a vast background in successfully helping businesses grow online and in some shape or form working online is what I have done my whole working life.

After graduating University with a degree in Business with E-commerce in 2004, I had always been anxious to run my own business. But often success does not come overnight. So, I found myself working for a number of large corporations in strategic, technical and marketing roles, always with a connection to the Internet. I was an IT Support Officer at Southampton Solent University, e-Commerce Assistant at a domain name investing start-up, Online Marketing Manager for a car valuations Website, even going as niche as an Online Marketing Manager in the commercial laundry industry!

Oh yes, I also worked for 3 years at Sony, one of the largest corporations in the world, in their dedicated pan-European online marketing department. I worked with some of the brightest minds in digital on a daily basis and my experience here led to me sharpening an all-round knowledge of the digital marketing mix.

My time at Sony was phenomenal. I won a Marketing Hero Award for the launch of an online video programme. I managed external contractors and third party agencies and was responsible for a Website with transactions worth 2 billion Euros annually. I would honestly say that my experiences with Sony reminded me how badly I wanted to start a company and apply my skills to help many businesses grow as opposed to the one.

That’s why I started digital marketing consulting. I want to help as many businesses as I can generate more leads, improve sales and increase revenues online. I want you to benefit from tried and tested online marketing strategies that continue to work in an ever-evolving digital world.

I’m excited about the future of the Internet. It has easily become the biggest marketing tool in the world, available 24/7, you can even do business while you sleep!

I have now been involved in digital marketing for over 20 years, so if you think you could benefit from my knowledge and experience contact me today and let’s start planning how we will grow your business.



2016    Joined The Professionals
In 2016 I was awarded a Diploma in Professional Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. I was also accepted by the board as full Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM) that same year.
2015    Went Out On My Own
I left a secure well-paid job to set up on my own as a digital marketing consultant and had my first client within 3 weeks.
2004-15    Learning In The Real World
I spent over 10 years working in the digital space as an employee, and getting great results and recognition for my work.
2004    Graduated from University
I graduated from University in 2004 with a degree in Business with E-Commerce from Southampton Solent University.


In 1996 my college got Internet access – two computers that had web browsers and could be booked for 30 minutes’ use at a time. I managed to convince my parents that I needed Internet access at home, even though most people never knew what this Internet thing was at that time! This was a defining moment for my future…

  • 2 weeks later, I created my first website
  • 1 month later, I created another website (they call them ‘blogs’ now) which received over 500 visits a day (impressive for a guy on his own in 1996!)
  • 4 years later I started a sports news website that received over 70,000 visits consistently a month for over 5 years (120,000+ in its peak month, in case you were wondering!)
  • Over the next 12 months, I experimented with SMS text updates from the website to phones and tried a new advertising technique that boosted visits to an all-time high (they now call this “viral marketing” and “social media”, there wasn’t a name for it back then)
  • In 2004 I graduated University with a degree in Business with E-Commerce (after dropping out of 2 other courses because they didn’t teach me anything new – I like to be challenged!)
  • 6 weeks after this, I turned down an invite for a second-round pitch to business angels for an investment of £50,000 – it went against the reason why I wanted to run my own business
  • A month after that, I was short-listed for the first season of BBC’s “Dragon’s Den” TV show (they wouldn’t disclose full detail about the show; after watching it I was glad I didn’t end up on it!)
  • From there, I spent a few years working for large corporations in both technical, strategic and marketing roles… but always online. 1 of those companies was Sony, where I managed an online platform that was responsible for 2bn Euro of transactions a year
  • I quit a secure, well-paid permanent job I had been working for years in the Summer of 2015 after just having bought a new house and being married for 2 months. It was at my wife’s insistence as she knew I had always wanted to work for myself and within 3 weeks I had my first client. I am now happily passing my knowledge on to business owners and managers looking to increase their revenue and grow their business online.

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Lee Benning | Digital Marketing Consultant