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As the field of search engine optimisation continues to grow both in size and overall importance, many companies are facing a key choice when the time comes to overhaul their SEO approach. That choice involves choosing whether to work with an outsourced SEO vendor or an in-house team of digital marketing professionals. The difficulty in choosing between these two options largely comes in the form of price, accessibility, and results. Many companies may think that having greater control over their own, in-house team will allow them to more tightly define their costs and outcomes. This may not be the case, however.

Both approaches can be rewarding for companies that are looking to boost their authority, build more links, and boost conversion rates. Outsourcing to a sophisticated SEO firm, though, might present a few more opportunities and advantages for discerning businesses.

Outsourcing: It’s Not Always a Dirty Word

For one reason or another, the word “outsourcing” has become plagued by a negative reputation that most people seem to dread. When it comes to search engine optimisation, though, the word “outsourcing” simply means choosing a digital marketing agency, or a single SEO professional, to perform the hard work of choosing keywords, monitoring analytics, and boosting a website’s ranking at major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing with the main benefit being an increase in sales. Choosing a supplier comes with a number of great advantages that might be hard to find with an in-house team.

First and foremost, SEO vendors make it their job to know every last detail about the changes going on in the world of search engine optimisation. In an era of increasingly rapid algorithm updates and policy changes, the importance of this attitude cannot be underestimated. Outsourcing to these agencies allows businesses to offload the management of the SEO process to another company, saving them time and boosting their own productivity in the process.

Furthermore, outsourcing allows businesses to “shop around.” By comparing agencies or individual professionals against each other, business owners can get the best deal and the best set of skills for their unique business. There’s no need to interview for an in-house team and there’s no need to gamble on professionals who may not have the same long experience and history of success that outsourced partners often afford.

In-House Teams Can Make Sense in Some Situations

While outsourcing to a skilled SEO supplier makes a lot of sense to most business owners, some still prefer to have in-person meetings with their marketing staff. This allows them a greater degree of control over the process of determining keywords, generating content, building links, and reaching out to authoritative industry sources. For those companies that are looking to manage everything under one roof, with tight control over every detail and in-person management, securing in-house staff is probably the best option.

It makes sense to evaluate the overall desirability of having an in-house team compared to outsourcing, though. Even those companies that prefer to manage their operations directly should determine whether or not it’s financially beneficial to have an in-house team. Remember that these teams will require daily tasks, continual new training and support, and plenty of interaction throughout the day.

Considering Cost: It’s Possible to Hire an Affordable Outsourced Option

One of the things that surprises many of my clients is that my outsourced services are actually on par with what they would expect to spend on an in-house team. In fact, in many cases, my prices are actually better for their bottom line than an in-house team of SEO professionals would usually be. That’s because my policy is to charge for results, not services. I charge a flat fee that guarantees continuing work until the desired results are achieved for each company that I work with.

This allows companies a greater degree of certainty when hiring me and outsourcing their SEO tasks. The gamble made by most companies, that the fee they pay will yield them the results they desire, is largely removed. I work tirelessly to ensure that my clients are delighted with their results and I do my best to ensure that every aspect of their website is dynamic, engaging, and unique when compared to the competition.

Choose a Smart Outsourced Option and Don’t Look Back

Outsourcing to a cost-effective, professional SEO supplier is perhaps one of the best decisions that today’s business owners can make. It ensures that businesses get access to today’s most talented SEO professionals, a full list of services, and a degree of certainty that their goals and objectives will be reached on a consistent basis.

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