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SEO Training

Search engine optimisation is a hugely important part of the digital marketing mix and it remains the best way for companies of all sizes to increase their visibility and their relevance for visitors who come their way via search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Over the course of my career in online marketing I’ve worked with companies to help them round out and improve their search engine optimisation and online marketing strategies, improving things like search engine results page rankings (SERPs), click-through from SERPs and boosting conversion rates (converting to sales, leads and increased awareness).

This vast experience has translated well to businesses of all sizes, and many have experienced the rewards of working with me in varying capacities, companies as big as Sony and as small as sole proprietorships and start-ups. This background has made me uniquely qualified to coach and train companies in search engine optimisation strategies that will serve them well and last them long into the future. In fact, coaching companies and training them in SEO is one of my favourite things to do. The program is straightforward and it comes with a few key components.

Judging Knowledge: What Do You Already Know?

Search engine optimisation techniques span the gamut from relatively basic and common sense to advanced, analytical, and data-driven. Most companies’ marketing teams have at least a basic understanding of the field and they’ve heard of things like analytics, keyword-targeted search results, and link building. Before I can begin to coach and teach, though, I need to understand what my students already know. This will help me to develop a firm base from which to expand on ideas and teach the more advanced concepts of SEO itself.

Before coaching begins, the professionals I work with at any company will take an assessment that will make clear their knowledge of search engine optimisation. When we’ve developed a clear consensus of the company’s experience level, we can then proceed together with more advanced concepts and coaching techniques.

Moving On: What Do You Wish to Achieve?

Companies embrace search engine optimisation and digital marketing for varying reasons, and I need to understand those reasons to craft my approach to the coaching and training process. I have a great amount of experience in the field, gleaned from years of experience with start-ups and major corporations, and that means it’s easy for me to adapt my skills and past experience with the overall outlook of my clients.

So, after the assessment of existing knowledge is completed, we’ll discuss where the company hopes to take itself with SEO in the future. Is the company looking to more expertly target a specific demographic online? Perhaps they’re looking merely to go from Google’s fifth page of results to the first page? With a clear set of short-term and long-term company goals stated, coaching can be most effective and training elements can be customised to meet the needs of the digital marketing or IT staff.

Getting Started: It’s Time to Learn More About SEO!

With the company’s existing knowledge clearly understood, and the goals of the company clearly stated, it’s time to start the actual coaching process. Marketing professionals for the company will learn about things like unique content creation, link building, and social outreach. We’ll discuss the best way to boost the company’s authority at major search engines while also ensuring that its content, approach, and target audience are all unique. I’ll be sure to fill many lessons with examples from my vast experience when working with major companies toward their own SEO goals.

At the end of the lesson, my goal is to make sure that my clients feel secure not only in their knowledge of search engine optimisation itself, but also in their ability to apply that knowledge to their company’s rankings, content, authority, and outreach approach. Because my coaching teaches skills as well also as how to use software applications and other tools of the trade, this confidence will come from solid industry knowledge and a can-do spirit of implementing it.

Get Started with SEO Coaching Today

The time has come to embrace search engine optimisation from all angles to better promote a company of any size. That means embracing SEO skills themselves and working expertly with search engine optimisation tools, outreach strategies, and more. I encourage business owners and marketing professionals of all backgrounds to get in touch with me today to discuss pricing, scheduling, and more.

With a proactive attitude and an eagerness to learn, SEO is easy to implement, manage, and benefit from in exciting ways.


Lee Benning | Digital Marketing Consultant